Our Story

Our story begins sometime in mid-1996, in a small place with few tables and a rudimentary menu. Somewhat unprecedented, but with genuine warmth and kindliness operated until the end of '99. At the beginning of 2000, right next door, started the construction of the building that today houses the restaurant. It remained unfinished though, when our father, the initiator and executor of the project, left us so unexpectedly. After a difficult two-year's break and many efforts the new restaurant, named Esperia, opened its doors in June 2004.

The name was chosen for its natural position in the western hill of Spilea, where the sun sets as well for the many symbolisms that the name has for us. Esperia (Greek Εσπερία) means where the sun sets. It is also the name of one of the Hesperides, nymphs of the evening and sunset and the feminine of Hesperos, the evening star. In Greek mythology, Hesperos was the personification of the bright star that comes out at dusk, evening, (Greek: Esperos=evening). He was considered as a son or brother of Atlas. Hesperos was the first that ascended Mount Atlas to observe the stars, but there a storm grabbed him and he disappeared without a trace. People, who loved him, because of his kindness, envisioned that he morphed into a star. In the Iliad Hesperos is characterized by the adjective "callistos", the most beautiful than all the stars of heaven, while in the Odyssey with the adjective "faantatos", the brightest.

The journey towards our culinary brightness continues with unabated pace and joy all these years. We still learning, tasting, searching, discovering, creating, moving on... We all together carry on as a natural sequence of the work and vision of our father, the bright star of our life who left us so suddenly.

"The honour and glory of the parents are an invaluable treasure for the children." Plato