Our Cuisine

When the sea and saltiness runs through our veins and the sea element is an integral part of ourselves, then our cuisine could only have had its aromas, its treasures and all that the sea so generously offers us..

As a guiding principle our love and passion for the sea, we will present you our favorite Greek and Mediterranean flavours created with fresh and pure ingredients in a playful cooking game of taste and imagination.

Fresh fish and seafood, full of iodine and saltiness of the Ionian Sea.. pair it excellently with the extra virgin olive oil, vegetables and fresh scented herbs from our garden filled with the rich aromas of our unique terroir.

The unique dining experience continues with a wonderful choreography of tasteful salads and appetizers, soups, delicious freshly cooked pastas, wood-fired pizzas and a variety of authentic dishes that will amaze your palate.. as well as an extensive wine list where you will find the perfect wine to complement your meal selection.

Enjoy a perfect dining experience at our peaceful and unique location with delicious food, a fine wine and a fantastic view!