Beaches & Mountains


Chimara is known for its wonderful beaches, most of which are pebble beaches, although some have sand. Spilia, the central beach of Chimara attracts a lot of visitors in the summer. Further on there is Prinos, Potami, Filikouri, to the south lie Lamana, Kiparo, Borsi, the beaches at Pikerni and Loukovo and Kakomaea at Nivitsa (with a very perilous road). Beneath the Castle of Chimara is Livadi and then to the north lies Giali, Zypaea, Gialiskari at Drymades, Palassa, Dralaios and Grammata. At various points on the beaches of Chimara the water is cold because of the underground springs that exist. A few dozen meters away from these points, however, the water temperature rises once more to normal levels. During the summer months small boats offer rides to the beaches near Spilia. At most of the them you can rent umbrellas, chaise, water motors, etc...Along the coast there are also beach bars and restaurants to eat or drink just on the sea shore.

mountaineering – hiking – mountain climbing

The Akrokeravnia Mountains of Chimara offer many opportunities for mountain climbing and hiking. The peaks of Tsika (2054 μ.), Avgo, Messimeri and many more are intimidating challenges to any mountain climber. There are also trails that are ideal for beginners while others are suitable only for very experienced climbers. Llogara offers many opportunities to practice activities like paragliding, parapende, mountaineering, trekking, hiking, mountain bike, etc..